February Annual
February 26, 2022

The UJRO Design Committee presents the 2022 February Annual, an event that focuses on recognizing local and regional artists while offering an interactive art experience in Historic Uptown Jackson.  February Annual 2022- "We Will Raku", held on Saturday, February 26th 11-4PM will showcase the work of local artist Rob Lorenz, owner of Riverside Pottery Studio.  Rob will lead participants and onlookers through a live firing of pottery in the Raku style.

Registered attendees will be given one bisque fired pot to glaze in the event tent, watch the effects of kiln firing, later quenching and cooling to take their pottery home!  Exciting and fast moving, using heat, sawdust, fire and smoky bins, this stunning firing technique is irresistible and very much in vogue.  Surprises abound through the drama of firing which produces the wonderfully colorful, crazed and randomly cracked surface finishes associated with Raku pottery.

The event brings visitors to enjoy Uptown Jackson's beautiful businesses for eats, drinks, and shops! Food and beverage vendors line Court Street, many offering specialty items in the style of the event theme each year. In 2022, the German Cook will feature Tonkatsu, a Japanese style schnitzel, Momo's Favorite Treats will offer Japanese teas, and Waves Mini Donuts will have tasty donuts as a nod to Japanese mochi.

As always, February Annual is a free event to attend and those interested in glazing a Raku pot will be asked to sign-in at the event tent.  The pottery will be fired in groups of ten every hour from 11-4PM, each beginning with glazing at the top of each hour.  This is a walk-up event and no pre-registration will be taken.

From start to finish you may need more than an hour.  To help plan your experience:

  • One bisque fired pot given for teams, families and singles to glaze their Raku creation at an assigned table.  You will be given best tips on glaze selections to streamline your glazing within 10 to 20 minutes.  

  • The pot will be fired, handled only by Rob Lorenz and assistants.  The pieces are glazed with copper-based hand created glazes, dried and put directly into a hot kiln outside at room temperature over 1800° fahrenheit.  About 20 to 30 minutes for this process.

  • They are then put into a reduction chamber- a nest of sawdust or paper covered with a metal cover where this atmosphere and temperature change ('redox') produces the wonderfully colorful, lustrous copper, blue and green finish as well as the crackle glazes associated with Raku pottery.  About 20 minutes, or until cool to the touch.

  • After the cooling process, the pottery will be placed on a numbered table and ready for the artists to take home.  See the assistant before touching or collecting your numbered pot.  Take-away bags and packing paper will be available.

  • During down time, go visit the Uptown businesses and our February Annual food vendors!  Also, the work of artist Rob Lorenz will be on display at the History Center.